Astrology.Com Daily Love Tarot - Tuesday November 5, 2013

The Two of Pentacles card reversed suggests that it might be tempting to give up in the face of conflict or romantic stagnation, especially if it seems like you're facing a 'catch-22' or a 'lesser of two evils' decision. When it comes to your partner, you may not be on the same wavelength regarding this matter. There is a chance that one of you may be overcompensating for what may be perceived as a deficiency in material or financial considerations or in satisfying a hunger for physical indulgences or intimacy. Don't think you have to try to keep up with others to keep from looking foolish, or that if you keep smiling and going along, it will work out. While it may be a hassle or a struggle, making an effort to dance the fine line between practical realities and sensual pleasures can put you in position to resolve this issue.

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