Baby Daddy

How is it that you can spend so much of your life with a person think you know them and still find yourself saying...' I can't believe he did that!'? S.D.D.S. How can a man go months with out even picking up the phone to ask about his children when I can't go to work without calling the sitter on my break? How can that man then expect you to drop everything you are doing to tell him how his kids are doing and also tell him where they are so he can go see them when he is ready. Also he would like to know where I am, with who and when he can see me, why don't I want to see him. Now comes the he has some money for me and the kids, now I am suppose to drop to my knees and thank God that he has blessed me enough that this man is finally gonna give me a little change. Of course it never crosses his mind to think that I don't need or want his money. In my perfect world he wouldn't exist. I would have my children, they are beatiful. He would be married off to some idiot who would be unemployed (free childcare) and he would be head over heels in love with her and would accept that I have moved on with my lfe and be happy for me. THIS IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO MY REALITY!!!!!! My reality is I have had my number changed countless times, (he can leave a message at my Mom's house), he still manages to get the number. And my man, the one who is actually worth my time, is totally pissed because he burnt the chicken fussing with me about how that loser got my number...again. Life's a b@#ch..then you die so what the hell I'm gon get high.