The Benefits of Being Single

Celebrate National Singles Week with a New Attitude! Celebrate National Singles Week with a New Attitude!

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This past Sunday kicked off National Singles Week. I know what you're thinking: Everyone already knows we are single, and we certainly know we are single, do we really need a whole week to reflect on it?!

There are over 100 million people in the United States who are single and unmarried, so you are definitely not alone, but maybe there is something to this lifestyle that we have never really thought about. We spend so much time going to bars, working out, eating healthy, and creating dating profiles, all in hopes of meeting that special someone; that person who will take us out of our single life slump.

But what I can't help but think, especially as a honoree of National Singles Week, is aren't there benefits to the single life?

Sure, you may not have someone to hold at night, but you also don't have someone to fight and nag with you during the day. You don't have to rely on someone. Or check with before you make plans. Or even share the remote with.

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With being single, we can really take the time we need as individuals to figure out exactly what it is we want to do. Do we want to change careers? Do we want to spend more time with our friends? Do we want to focus on ourselves for a change?

All of these questions must be answered and fulfilled before we can even think about dating someone.

Lately, the word single has such a negative connotation that we cringe when we have to inform others that we are not in a relationship, or even married. We sit at home alone, watching depressing movies and reading Nicholas Sparks' novels, trying to feel bad for ourselves when we should be upbeat and positive.

That's why we should take this week to redirect our understanding of the word single, reject the idea, and instead, embrace it. There is so much to be positive about in your single shoes - so walk proudly.

Have fun this week, wear your single heart on your sleeve, and celebrate the most important thing: YOU.

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