Best Friend Hook-Up

well i'm a guy. my best friend and I are really really close. when i say close i mean i know everything about her and she trusts me with EVERYTHING. From her past relationships, to what she wants in life and in a relationship, to her deepest darkest sexual fantasies. I'm the guy that looks out for her, gives her advice, comforts her when she is upset, and just in general helps her out. I would never think about hurting her but at the same time I really want her. A relationship between us is not possible, she doesn't like me in that way (she is into the "player" type) however she has been hinting towards doing sexual things alot on the phone and in txt messages. again i say I WOULD NEVER HURT HER. She means everything to me, she is the perfect friend yet if she asked me to do stuff i would not hesitate to reply "yes". Latly I have been wanting to ask her is she would like to "hook-up" sometime...i however have been to afraid she will say "no" and then not see me in the same light again. I would not lie to her and say "everything will be ok between us in the end" I would instead be honest and say "some things we had could be screwed up after this, but i would never try to hurt you, and i would like to try and do my best to make it work out in the end". But if i ever want anything between her an I to happen I would need to make the first approach... Even though she has hinted on things she would never ask me because I used to be really "anti-hookups".

Please any help on this subject would be great and I am sorry if my typing is inadequit i am very flustered at the moment.

P.S. We are both virgins and I don't think we would have full out sex if we did hook up. (just thought that may be important)