The Best and Worst Guy Gifts (According to James Van Der Beek!)

by Glamour

James Van Der Beek, the actor formerly known as Dawson, plays a jerky version of himself on Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23 and posts silly memes online--but here he gets serious about what guys want this time of year.

1. Skydiving lessons. Ask, "Have you ever wanted to jump out of an airplane?" and then change the subject. A month later you can give him skydiving lessons, and he won't remember having said it.

2. Socks. It's the worst present when we're eight; now that we're 28, it's a relief not to have to buy them ourselves. And socks can add a little rebelliousness to our buttoned-up wardrobe.

3. Tools. But only if you've heard something like, "Man, that new Makita 12-volt drill really looks great." If we're that specific, we mean "Go get it."

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4. Steak of the month, beer of the month… Food is great. I'm always happy with flavored popcorn.

5. A personalized barbecue branding iron. That's cool. That's fun. [They actually exist! $60,]

1. Sports team stuff.
Don't think that because we like a team, we want their logo emblazoned on something to wear, eat, or drink from. If we want it, we'll get it ourselves.

2. Matching anything. Definitely stay away from anything matchy-matching you. Because that's just making us flash forward to the old-age home.

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3. Tickets to something you'll like. An antiques fair. The opera. A Broadway show. That's more of a gift for you.

4. Video games. Unless you don't want your boyfriend to talk to you. Because he'll get hooked on it and feel totally guiltless playing that all night. I don't play video games for the same reason I don't do heroin.

5. Oh, and heroin. Also not a great gift. Too expensive, and talk about a time suck!

What are you getting your guy this year? Any tips?

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