'The Best-And Worst-Kisses I've Ever Had'

Girls share their best and worst kisses. Guys, take note.Girls share their best and worst kisses. Guys, take note.Kissing rocks-when it's done right. But a bad makeout can turn you off a guy ASAP. To help dudes out, we polled girls on their best and worst experiences sucking face. Take notes, boys.

By Emma Barker

Puppy Love
"This one time, a guy and I went into a closet at a party and started kissing. His tongue was so long and he didn't know how to control it so he started licking the entire bottom of my face. I still get chills thinking about it. It was so disgusting. I pulled away and he was like, 'Why did we stop?' SERIOUSLY?! You just slobbered all over my face. I don't want anymore." -Dara A.

Wet and Wild
"My best one was night swimming in a pool with my boyfriend. The water, the clingy bathing suits, the silence. So hot." -Jenn S.

Choke Hold
"I recently went out with a seemingly cool, normal dude. When he kissed me, he shoved his tongue so far down my throat that I started choking. He either didn't notice, or didn't care. And his mouth tasted like he had smoked a pack of cigarettes AND not brushed his teeth for two days. So gross!" -Mandy P.

Work It
"This guy I had liked for about a year had broken it off, then asked me out again and apologized for being a jerk. One night we were walking down the street and I was in the middle of talking about something and he pushed me up against this construction thing on a building and kissed me. He ended up ultimately being a terrible human being, but still. Best kiss ever." -Anna B.

Man Meat
"My first kiss-and my worst ever-tasted like a hamburger." -Erica T.

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A Walk to Remember
"Best kiss ever? Probably when we were hiking together on top of the Swiss Alps in the middle of winter and he took my face in his hands and said 'I want to marry you someday'...and then kissed me. It was so surreal and made me so happy." -Jennie D.

Not So Droolworthy
"Two words: limp tongue. A really cute guy just sort of slobbered during our makeout session, reminding me of his cocker spaniel, whose tongue was always dangling lifelessly outside his mouth. Cute on the dog, not with a dude!" -Chrissy B.

Just Go for It
"One of my best kisses was a guy who pressed me, rather assertively, against the wall, and just really went for it. Don't be delicate, guys!" -Sally R.

What a Jerk
"I was at my boyfriend's house one night, and he offered me some beef jerky. I politely refused to try it. He pretended not to care, and finished his jerky about an hour before I left. When I got up to leave, he walked me to the door and started to kiss me goodbye. Turns out he'd saved a mouthful of jerky in his cheek, and he purposely spit it into my mouth so I 'had to try it.' Yeah." -Marisa W.

Language Barrier
"I was making out with this guy on the dance floor and all was well until I tried to talk to him and found out he only spoke Portuguese. It was actually really hot, since we could only communicate with our lips." -Shelby R.

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Bad Catch
"There were about two minutes of weirdness that culminated in my first kiss, followed by a lot of squealing from my BFF when I told her he kissed like a dead fish. I think it was something to do with the awkward way he moved his lips." -Claire O.

Chew On This
"Once I was making out with a guy at a school dance (so, already bad) and he was getting so tongue-sy that his gum went into my mouth and then back into his. It was the single grossest thing I've ever experienced." -Jess H.

Sexy Build-Up
"The hottest kiss I've ever had was my first time with my man. We kept putting our heads close together and I just knew it was going to happen at some point. It ended up taking about five minutes for him to actually make a move, but the build-up and anticipation made it so freaking hot." -Ginny P.

Peck Happy
"I took a guy I'd had a crush on into a side room at a party to make out and he just gave me a series of pecks on the lips. It was seriously so so weird. Even today I can't wrap my head around it." -Amy L.

Armed and Dangerous
"I think the only acceptable arm positions for guys while kissing are hugging you, holding your head (like hands under your ears), or arms around your waist. I've experienced guys kissing with their arms straight at their sides and in assorted places (boobs, butt, back of my head) and they were all very awkward." -Erin G.

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