Will Billboards Showing Pregnant Teen Boys Lead to Fewer Pregnant Teen Girls?

It takes two to tango, but often the burden of teen pregnancies falls on the one who's actually pregnant. Girls can wind up alone and burdened with not only the task of taking care of her unborn baby, but also the child-rearing as well as all of the financial issues that are intricately tied into parenting.

The Chicago Department of Public Health wants boys to know that it's not just the girls' responsibility, however. According to MyFoxChicago.com, they recently rolled out an ad campaign with billboards showing pregnant teen boys in an effort to spark a conversation on the topic and get a powerful visual message across to those who don't seem to want to listen.

They're not the first city to start focusing on boys as it relates to teen pregnancy. The New York City Human Resources Department came out with a controversial campaign earlier this year which aimed to get kids - and boys in particular - thinking about how becoming a parent would affect their wallets.

And last year the city of Milwaukee tried to impress on young boys that they should be just as concerned about teen pregnancy as girls.

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Here's a look at how these citiies are trying to get the attention of boys as it relates to teen pregnancies:

1. There's Way More to Sex than Just Sex

BeYouBeHealthy.org is trying hard to get the message out to kids that there's way more to sex than what happens while you're actually having sex.

2. Teen Pregnancies are About the Boys, Too

BeYouBeHealthy.org provides a wealth of information about puberty, relationships and sexual health in an effort to educate kids about the enormous responsibility that comes along with being sexually active.

3. Babies Born to Teens are an Issue for Everyone

OneMilwaukee.org is an organization that's working to combat teen pregnancy, which is higher in Milwaukee than almost all other cities in the United States.

4. There Isn't a Single Solution to Teen Pregnancy

The problem of teen pregnancy needs to be addressed from all angles if the number of young girls giving birth is going to decrease, according to

5. Got Cash?

NYC Human Resources Administration wants boys to know that it'll cost them $10,000 a year to have a baby. At least.

6. Babies Will Hit You in the Wallet

In some states, such as New York, child support can last until that little baby turns 21.

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