Bizarre Royal Wedding Memorabilia

Maybe you've seen the china and tea towels -- but what about the themed condoms and scratch-off tickets? rounds up some of the craziest Kate and William wedding memorabilia.

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Crown Jewels Condoms

The company encourages buyers to "lie back and think of England" -- but be sure to read the fine print. Turns out, these condoms are for decoration only. Still, at least buyers get a collectible portrait of the couple as they "might appear" on their wedding day, plus a "timeless souvenir heirloom" collector's condom box.

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Royal Nail Decals

As Kate and William ride in their horse-drawn carriage after their ceremony, they'll undoubtedly be faced with millions of waving and clapping hands. One thing they may (or more likely, may not) notice will be miniature nail decals of their engagement portrait. That's right, royal wedding nail decals with the prince and princess-to-be's portrait are now available in souvenir shops throughout the London area.

William and Kate Barf Bags

We know that 24/7 royal wedding coverage isn't for everyone. For those who just can't take another word about the upcoming nuptials, there's a royal wedding barf bag. The blue and white bag features a portrait of Kate and William and simply says, "Keep this handy on April 29th" for any queasy moments amid all the hoopla.

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A Royal Wedding Refrigerator

You'd really have to be obsessed to go for this mega-memorabilia piece: a royal refrigerator. The fridge is 5'9" with near life-size images of Kate's and William's faces. There's reportedly been tremendous interest in the fridge, which is being sold by a UK distributor of GE appliances. Think of it this way: It's definitely a conversation piece for your next dinner party.

Royal Trivia Scratch-Off Cards

This strange tchotchke came straight from Kate's own parents via their website, Rule Britannia scratch-off cards (once sold on the site) feature fun trivia questions and the phrase "Off With Your Head!" for an incorrect answer. Something tells us that Kate and Wills won't be handing these out as favors.

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Photo: Courtesy of Crown Jewels: Condoms of Distinction

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