Bizarre Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Zombie Couples Portrait

How sweet - in a gross kind of way.If your idea of a great Valentine's Day is a Walking Dead marathon in the comfort of your own home, we've found the perfect gift for you weirdoes: a zombie couple portrait courtesy of zombie artist Rob Sacchetto.

Just send Sacchetto a photo of you and your honey through his website and he will send you back a hand-painted portrait in all your undead glory, complete with festering wounds, dangling eyeballs, and sea green skin. Romantic!

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"I've been a huge fan of the genre for a very long time, and one day in 2006, after having done a number of straight ahead portraits for various clients, I decided to combine my love of the genre with my regular freelance work," Sacchetto told Yahoo! Shine.

Go all out with a gruesome pose chewing on each other's flesh, or send Sacchetto a shot from your wedding-the un-staged photograph results in a pretty funny portrait.

Sacchetto is offering a special this Valentine's Day: $20 off all couples portraits. Request yours before it's too late!

Though you might think zombie portraits would only appeal to the kind of couples that would have a Halloween-themed wedding, Sacchetto told Small Business Wire that he gets requests of all kinds: a portrait of grandma, of pets, even family portraits with young children. He estimates he's created over 4,000 zombie portraits.

"I am always amazed by how many couples orders I get. In fact, I would say that wedding portraits are by far the most popular portraits I receive orders for," bringing new meaning to the concept of 'til death do us part'."

The painting process takes about 3-6 hours, but Sacchetto has spent as long as 15 hours on a single portrait "when time permitted."

We think a custom-made zombie portrait is a great gift idea if your significant other is into this sort of gory humor. To complete your zombie Valentine's Day, head to the theater to see Warm Bodies, a romantic comedy about a zombie who falls in love with a human girl, and unveil your portrait afterwards. But maybe wait until after dinner. Yeah, definitely after dinner.