Black Women Under Attack for Dating Non Black Men by Queen of the Pen Clarissa Burton! when Blackistanis Run Wild

When Blackistanis Run Wild, is an interesting piece written by Clarissa Queen of the Pen Burton, where it talks about Black women being under violent attack for dating White or Other race men. Recently there was a violent attack according to the blog The Bloggersphere Authored by Burton who is a Phd. Candidate and Published Author of several truthful controversial articles on the state of Black America, particularly Black Women and Children.

In another controversial piece according to the State of Texas black women are the leading group applying for licenses to carry concealed weopons. The site Your Black World states that
"According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 93% of the more than 8,000 black homicide victims in 2005 were murdered by someone of their own race. Of those 8,000 victims, 15% were women. Also blacks account for only 13.1% of the U.S. population but are nearly half of the homicide victims in the country." She continued, "With numbers like these, it is imperative that we learn how to use guns to defend ourselves."

There is no doubt there is something seriously wrong with the Black Community and the treatment towards black women! Its really sad and a shame to say the least.

According to the Bloggersphere by Authoress Clarissa Burton:

"This video is proof positive that when Blackistanis are allowed to run wild, chaos ensues.

Black women and their rainbeaus are under attack. When will BLACK WOMEN be allowed to LOVE whomever they desire? Why do these monsters believe they have OWNERSHIP of Black women? It's about to get uglier as more Black women move to the forefront and let the world know BLACK WOMEN DESERVE BETTER.

There is just a matter of time when the Peace Walls will soon come up. Mark my words. Just like the East Berlin walls were erected in 1961, those same WALLS will be erected in the United States. Bullied Black women are the last bastions of torture and torment. Black women have begun to speak up for themselves; and Blackistanis are vying to FORCE them to COMPLY with the same-old same-old. Nothing will stop the onslaught of battery and murder of Black women and their children until law enforcement respects their existence. Until then, and unfortunately, Black women have to look forward to more incidences such as the one illustrated in the video.

Many Black women refuse to play victim. Many are obtaining licenses to conceal and carry guns. That's a very good move. How else are Black women to feel safe when little to nothing is being legally done to protect them and their children?

The critics can criticize all they want. The day their grandmother, mother, aunt, wife, daughter, niece, or female cousin gets brutalized by these criminals is when justice will be sought after. So, Black women are not going to wait around for others to demand our protection. Blackistanis can believe Black women will do what it takes to be safe. For those Black women living in Blackistan, the time is now to flee for your lives lest you become a victim or continue to be victimized".

I love reading Clarissa's pieces, they hit home!

When the body turns on itself it can become a cancer, this is what seems like is happening in the black community with the Black Men towards Black Women. It's time for Women to wake up and flee Blackistan! What about Your Daughters is a good question.