Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Win Our Hearts by Celebrating Their First Anniversary like Adorable Regulars

by Gena Kaufman

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesIn the celebrity era of over-the-top vow renewals and what seems like weekly frolics on exotic beach vacations (OK, fine, we're jealous of that one), it's totally refreshing when a famous couple seems not only genuinely happy in their marriage but capable of celebrating it in a low-key way that doesn't seem like they have anything to prove.

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Hence, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds just made us feel all warm and bubbly inside with their first anniversary as a married couple. Via People, they celebrated like pretty much any other Regular Non-Famous Couple would do: They hit up a restaurant they've been wanting to try and stuffed their faces (I'm guessing). While visiting Savannah, Georgia, the unreasonably good-looking couple stopped by Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, telling the owner they had never been able to get in before. Adorable detail: The all-you-can-eat restaurant serves down-home Southern favorites, which was a sweet way to celebrate their Southern wedding.

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And some details that make it seem like any of us could be BFFs with the Lively-Reynolds duo: Their celebratory meal cost a mere $36 and they sat with six other people at a family-style table. So down-to-earth and laid-back, it almost makes me forgive the fact that they left before the banana pudding dessert. Do you guys not know how delicious banana pudding is?? Let's all go out for some at Magnolia next time you're in New York, OK?

At any rate, they won over the owner, who called them "absolutely darling," and we have to agree. Happy anniversary, kids!

Don't you think this is a sweet, simple way to celebrate your first anniversary? How do you celebrate anniversaries?

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