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Bloke CultureBloke Culture

That's what we have in Australia. At every sports event, these creatures of beer and dumbness come out with their tough, hard drink, hard play roughness. People get hurt, women gets badly treated, fights break out, swearing rises faster than prices at a supermarket, and men everywhere, yet again, cop it.

Gone from view is the other man. The gentle and kind, sensitive new age men. Replaced by the modern day Neanderthal in a rugby top, and three day unshaven beard. It's no wonder that women huddle together in groupings to become more supportive of each other.

There is an almost spontaneous getting together of women for everything from consciousness raising, tapestry making, African drumming, or just to natter over coffee. And I miss not being invited. Being a man seems to invalidate my membership into warmth, kindness, and happiness.

Men generally get very little of this. The blokes have their drinking holes, football, drunken camaraderie, some mindless aggression, and that's about it. Let's face it, men are lonely for real affection! But they will never admit it. They most probably don't even know it. But by being often drunk together, they will hug, swear everlasting mateship, and profess a kind of love to each other.

Most young men having practiced being a bloke since they were little boys. And part of being a bloke necessitates blocking of all access to lots of feelings. Men will use bloke-ness, to override and hide most feelings, he feels uncomfortable about.

And I don't like it one bit. I want to share with men, the warmth women have. I get a little jealous when I see in social media, all the marvelous meeting arrangements women are continually making, and the great community they always are building, and I want some of that.

I want to be included in. We men are crap at getting together, unless there is alcohol, sport, competition and aggression involved. And alone, we have all those feelings and desires for warmth, gentleness, connection and community, but with no where to go with it.

We men are severely stunted. Some of the above feelings can make men feel like they are latently gay, and so turn on more bloke juice to cover up. Even me, a sensitive, sweet natured man, can feel like this at times, and then I'll walk with a swagger, clench the fist a bit, feel more like a man, and be oddly safe from all those nagging worries of being a bit too feminine.

I think we need women to invite us to join them, so to teach us that feelings and love are very much what a man is, and can be with each other. Will you invite us in. I for one, will come!

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