Bored with Your Man? 20 Ways to Fall in Love Again

Be the ManBy Ronnie Koenig

So you're in a rut with your mate. It happens! But before you go searching for a new guy, consider the fact that you probably just need a new outlook! Try these 20 simple tricks and you'll see your love in a whole new light.

Start a New Hobby Together

"Partners often drift away from each other to do their own thing, spending less and less time together. If you start a new hobby together, you'll share laughs at each other's foibles and a sense of accomplishment at each other's successes," says Carole Lieberman, M.D., author of Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them & How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets.

Whether it's kayaking or Texas Hold 'Em, as long as it's something you can do together, it'll help the two of you reconnect.

Don't Deny Sex

"If you say no to sex -- or wear flannel PJs to bed instead of the sexy stuff you used to wear -- it tells him you don't think he's a stud anymore," says Lieberman. "He'll get depressed and his eye may start to rove.
Even if you're a little bored of the same old routine, doing it more will make you want it more. How? "If you show him you're hungry for him, his confidence will soar and he'll become irresistible again."
If you're really in a stalemate, suggest some variations to get the sparks flying.

Laugh at His Jokes

Instead of rolling your eyes at that story you've heard a gazillion times, try to listen to it like you've never heard it before -- focus on his delivery, amuse yourself with the other people's reactions.
"Sure, you may have heard all his jokes before, but isn't it charming that he's trying to make you laugh?" says Lieberman.
And who knows, if you laugh you just might start to find him funny again!

Compliment Him

Take the time to acknowledge the work he does at home or the office and you'll see a boost in his confidence that you can't resist.
"It's easy to get stuck in resenting the annoying little habits your guy has and become oblivious to his endearing qualities," says Lieberman. "If you open your eyes to the positive things he does, you'll remember why you chose to be with him in the first place."

Remember: Focus on what he does right. There's no better way to see him for the amazing man he is.

Do Something Crazy Together

It doesn't have to be sky diving, but do be a little adventurous and out of your element.
"When you both get out of your comfort zones, your man will likely rise to the occasion and be your knight in shining armor," says Lieberman. "Seeing your man be brave to guide or protect you is a real turn-on."

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