How to Boy-Proof Your Lair

What to hide when Mr. Big comes over.What to hide when Mr. Big comes over.

Cellulite cream

2. Sprinkles, the teddy bear you've had since first grade

3. Your autographed copies of He's Just Not That Into You, Women Who Love Too Much, and The Five People You Meet in Heaven

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4. That New Kids on the Block poster - from the reunion tour

5. The Wicca altar

6 The nude oil portrait you painted of your ex

7. Your Hummel collection

8. The Christmas photo with your entire family dressed in matching homemade outfits - taken last year

9. Your Magic Wand Gee-Whiz attachment

10. Hello Kitty anything (Hi, Mariah!)

11. Indigo Girls box set

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12. That still-in-the-original-packaging 1993 Winter Princess Barbie

13. Economy-size bottle of cranberry-extract supplements

14. Sears portrait studio shots of your hamster
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