Boyfriend’s ‘The Ring’ Prank on Girlfriend: Epic Dealbreaker

Ask any couples therapist what the secret is to a successful long-term relationship and they'll say it's feeling emotionally safe with a partner.

Guess James Williams didn't get that memo—or didn't care to read it. The British prankster (who, according to his YouTube channel, is known for such knee-slappers as mailing old salmon sandwiches to people and filling a cupboard with hair clippings gathered from his local salon) spent what he describes as "weeks" building a puppet version of the super scary little girl from horror movie "The Ring" and fashioning a pulley system that would make it appear to be bursting out of his girlfriend's television while she slept.

Then, he posted a video of her waking up in shock (accompanied by an ear-splitting audio of her terrified shrieks—if you have a dog or small child nearby, lower the volume), which is now going viral. "I worked on it every now and again when the missus was out and hid it in the attic," he wrote on the YouTube channel. (What, along with the decomposing bodies?)

One week before the appointed fright night, Williams planted a creepy seed in his girlfriend's brain by saying he thought he saw "a woman standing at the end of our bed in the middle of the night." And after he launched the actual prank? As he put it, "I had to stop her running out the house…I like the fact the torch [flashlight] stayed standing upright the entire time. Even with all the kicking lol. I don't think I've ever seen a mouth open so wide screaming."

Is this type of emotional destabilization a sign of the demise of committed relationships, or simply of humanity in general? In any case, if Williams's girlfriend decides that revenge is the way to go, couples pranking is a robust Internet genre [hint: laxatives plus Kool-aid plus ice cream]. Or better yet, just dump him. Payback's a bitch.