Breaking Up Isn't Actually that Hard to Do--at Least for Women, Anyway

by Gena Kaufman

Courtesy HBOCourtesy HBOStereotypes you might have heard about women: We can't make up our minds, we need to discuss all our feelings with our friends for endless amounts of time before making decisions, we're overthinkers. Oh, wait, it turns out that's men!

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Or at least, based on a new survey, there's at least one area of life where women are the sex who make confident, split-second decisions--and no, it's not some other silly stereotype like "while shoe shopping." It's breakups. OK, OK, we're not making the decision in an actual second, and it's definitely not always an easy decision, but we are doing it a lot more quickly than men. According to a poll, women take an average of six days to decide to break up with their partners, while men take over a month to pull the trigger.

And what are men doing for more than 30 days while they're contemplating ending their relationships? For two thirds of the time, they're agonizing over the decision, alone and with friends, and then thinking of the best way to do it. After that, it takes them another 10 days to gather their courage and actually enact the breakup.

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Or alternatively, they're just spending the month acting like a jerk and hoping their girlfriend will just do the breakup for them. That's according to me, not the poll, but you know you're all thinking it.

How much time does it take you to decide to end a relationship? I have to admit, I'm more of a 30+ day contemplator myself.

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