Breeding crop of BRAND-AMBASSADORS, is it healthy or otherwise for our nation,being missguided by (unqualified) such personjs on the subjectswhich is, beyound their limits,

Where4 as in the interests of the nations welfare certain activities like gambling ,match fiximgs, in forward trading in business etc is against the developmemt of the country and is considered harmfull for the peace loving people of India, it is regreted that this CROP OF BRAND AMBASSADORS IS FLOURSHING leap and bounds uncontroled for their treating and mis guiding the majority of our people who are still uneducated poor and simple to be misguided by the so called Brand Ambassador who may be a good player in his own field but not a persoin to tell the natioin that as I do such thin you also follow me in using medicines, food and other things that could be easily avaible to all quite cheap from the m,anufacturers or their sales man if this type brand ambassador coiuld not have crores of rupees as fees every year to mis guide the people and thus give the nation a revenue loss in crores if the black money could have also been stoppede in this culture of Brand Ambassadors
It is noit a matter of our being proud of such persons if they start selling items for which thet are nas ignorant as any other one and if they have come to know about it from where they were guided to learn about the good or bad thing and qualities of the product, If it was told to the ambassador then why not to the public told about directly instead of a channel consuming crores of rupees from the treasury that may have helprd to let the production prises down in crores yarly and the benifit of that may come to the needy ie the people
We hope that this practice of BRAND AMBAssador may the scanned too
And the authotities amy be asked to tell the nation that the people may not hear any body unless the person is qualified to say on the merits of the object in sale.