How to Buy Her a Wedding Ring

Hulton ArchiveHulton ArchiveBy Eric Gillin

Step 1: Spy on Her

Before you buy anything, gather information. Identify one of her close friends who can keep a secret and might already know what your fiancée wants. Examine a ring she already owns. Take pictures, if you don't know what kind it is. (You don't.) When she isn't looking (she isn't), steal the one she wears on a ring finger. But briefly, for sizing.

Step 2: Determine Your Budget

Take your monthly income, subtract your monthly cable and utility bills, multiply that by the inflation rate in your local area, then realize the economy isn't getting any better and neither are any of us. Look, just get her a large-enough piece of metal and diamond that doesn't make you go broke or look like a cheap bastard.

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Step 3: Time Your Spending Well

Once said piece of metal and diamond gets in your possession, you're going to want to get rid of it like week-old sushi. How you propose is personal, and when you do is part of that. So don't start the process until you have the bended-knee part figured out.

Step 4: Start Shopping

As in prison, you walk up to the biggest guy and try to kick his ass. You won't win, but it toughens you, the whole thing. Try one of those jewelry stores - no malls - with salesmen who work on commission. Leave your credit card at home - no means no.

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Step 5: Really Start Shopping

Congratulations: You're no longer a sucker. Now talk to that friend of hers. Figure out the cut she wants. The "setting," which is most definitely a thing. Maybe look at those pictures you took on your iPhone. Start looking at left hands. Look online when you're bored. Take a couple months, is what you should do.

Step 6: Purchase

Damn, that is a lot of money. But it's not like she's going to sell it, right? Right?

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