No one can change anyone.......that person have to want to be change and no matter what you have to deal with until that change come, you have to decide if you want to wait for the change or go on with your life. I feel if a person wants to change for the sake of not losing themselves and losing the ones who are important to them in their lives, it should not take much to make that decision, but I do know prayer changes things, and that is true love, love changes things.

But, if the mind is not made up to change and it seems to be longer than necessary than they have decided that being who they are is ok and you are not important enough to change, in the risk of losing you.

So in that case, I think it's important to put you first, if no one feels you are important enough for them to change themselves first for themselves and to avoid losing someone they love, you have to come to a point to change you and realize you are important to you.

You have to come to a point to put you first overall, whether someone else to change or not, you can not always put everyone before yourself and wanting someone to care for you, when they have no desire to, do not allow that to fear you. Pray for your change, seek God for your change so He will change those things you do not see.

Wanting to change some things about you is always good, I look for a change about me all the time, to be a better quality of me, I pray for those things that are not good in God eyes to be remove. To also help me to stay humble and not prideful, to be kind and not mean, to be loving and not hateful in any way, that is a change I want to continue to be and not using any excuses to be anything opposite of GOOD.