Can You Describe Great Sex In 10 Words Or Less?

Mind-blowing, earth-shaking, toe-curling... there are lots of ways we describe great sex.

YourTango recently challenged its community to describe amazing sex in 10 words or less. We received more than 800 submissions -- and now we're asking you, Shine readers, to sound in, too.

Here are our top 5 picks from the hundreds we received:

- "Orgasms ripple through us like stones skipping on pillowy lakes."

- "Sex is but the discovery of ourselves in others."

- "When he touched me it's like he deciphered my DNA."

- "The world turns from black and white to color."

- "Our sex was greater than the sum of its parts."

Zestra, an all-natural arousal oil for women, sponsored the prize for our contest winner -- offering her a swanky prize package including a two-night stay in New York City, $1000 in travel and food vouchers and a Zestra gift pack.

Which of the top 5 is your favorite? Click here to find out which one we picked as our winner.

And tell us: how would YOU describe amazing sex in 10 words or less?

Read the full set of entries here.

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