Celebrity Dos and Don'ts for the Royal Wedding

There were lots of snubs and surprises when it came to the royal wedding invitations. So what's our advice to the celebs who reportedly will be in attendance? WeddingChannel.com breaks down the rules these A-listers should follow.

By Amy Eisinger for WeddingChannel.com

Celeb Guest: Kanye West

Do: Bring your A game.
With some serious style and swagger, we've seen you charm millions before, Kanye. If anyone can walk away from this wedding with a girl (or two) on his arm, it'll be you. Just remember to be on your best behavior.

Don't: Bring the Hennessey.
Let's face it: The past few years have brought a few very unflattering faux pas your way. Leave the booze behind so you don't end up having another Taylor-Swift-spotlight-stealing moment during, say, Prince William's groom speech. And if asked to give an impromptu performance, we think you should skip the song "Gold Digger."

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Celeb Guest: Sir Paul McCartney

Do: Write them a silly love song.
What better than a heartfelt song to celebrate the happy couple on their wedding day?

Don't: Talk divorce.
The very public and very messy breakup between you and Heather Mills after six tumultuous years made us all cringe. Instead of looking like a bitter bachelor, keep the conversation positive and light -- talking splits at a wedding in general is a serious don't.

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Celeb Guests: David and Victoria Beckham

Do: Offer marriage advice.
With over a decade of being married and a fourth child on the way, we think you've got every right to give Kate and Wills a few insider tips on how to stick together through constant media attention. Congrats, you two -- marriage and fame never looked so good.

Don't: Steal the spotlight.
As major players in the fashion field, we know it might be tempting, but remember, Posh and Becks: It's Kate's day, so keep your styles understated and elegant. That shouldn't be too hard.

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Celeb Guest: Chelsy Davy

Do: Be a flirt.
With all those on-again, off-again romance rumors about you and Prince Harry, we think this wedding is the perfect time to let him know what he's been missing while you've been away in South Africa.

Don't: Dive for the bouquet.
Nobody likes to look desperate, and trust us, Chelsy, your day will come. If you're really interested in "Harry hunting," try to be helpful on the day of the wedding, but remember to have fun with the rest of your friends as well.

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Celeb Guest: Sir Elton John

Do: Bring the whole family!
We think Zachary, who was born last Christmas Day, is too cute -- and with a slew of little bridesmaids and groomsmen already walking down the aisle at Westminster Abbey, you and David Furnish will fit right in with your new baby boy.

Don't: Compare Kate and Diana.
The similarities have already been analyzed ad nauseum, and we suggest you stay out of the fray. Hold back on performing "Candle in the Wind," and maybe opt for something like "Bennie and the Jets" instead (which, let's not forget, was featured in the wedding film 27 Dresses, making it totally appropriate).

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