Celebrity Wives Dish Juicy Details on Social Media (and We Love It)

Josh Lucas and wife Jessica.It's bad enough that you have to see your high school friend's sonogram photos all over social media. Now there's a whole new breed of internet oversharers: celebrity wives! Run for the hills!

We'd like to say that we've resisted the urge to subscribe to these overindulgent tweeters and bloggers, but we just can't look away.

Take Jessica, wife of actor Josh Lucas (you may remember him as the charming Southern ex-husband who competes with Patrick Dempsey for Reese Witherspoon's heart in the 2002 film Sweet Home Alabama). This celeb wife's bio on her Tumblr, "In Other Words," says she's a "drinker of white wine, writer, world traveler, blogger, speaker of multiple half languages, and addict of French kissing."

According to Jessica, being married to a celebrity is annoying. On September 24, she wrote a post called "Celebrity is Stupid," in which she recounted an aggravating conversation with a bank teller:

Teller: Oh.my.god. Josh Lucas is your husband?
Jessica: That he is, and I'd like to deposit this.
T: Are you an actress too?
J: No. Is your husband a bank teller?
T: Um, well no. So what do you do?
J: I'm a writer actually.
T: Wow, for movies? That must be so exciting! Is that how you guys met?
J: What? No. Listen, I make like $35,000 on a good year and no one knows my name, you and I basically have the same life. I promise you.

We're not so sure that Jessica "basically has the same life" as us commoners. (Although, when was the last time Josh Lucas was in a movie?) Whatever, we'd still like to be married to him. Those blue eyes!

Hilara and hubby Alec Baldwin.Another celeb wife living out loud is Hilaria Thomas, a babely yoga instructor from New York who married Alec Baldwin last July and is 26 years his junior. Luckily for Baldwin fans, Hilaria had already established a social media presence on Twitter.

Since Baldwin started dating Hilara, he's been steadily losing weight and making an effort to be healthier. In fact, on the very first day of 2013, Hilara tweeted "Dinner: in a pan: 3 grain tempeh, baby kale, spinach, ginger root, mushrooms, soy sauce... all organic easy, healthy, yummy." Now we know how Alec dropped those 35 pounds!

And remember that horrible telephone message that Alec Baldwin left for daughter Ireland during his divorce from Kim Basinger? What's great is that Ireland, who is now 16, seems to have mended her relationship with her father perhaps through her friendship with Hilara. On January 6, Ireland tweeted: "A very happy and healthy birthday to my beautiful step mom @hilariabaldwin. I love you so much and wish I could be there to spend w/ you."

Sometimes, though, the transition from regular lady to celebrity wife can be a rocky one. On December 22, Hilara tweeted: "Man!!!! Who knew my poofy party dress would cause so many problems??!! IM NOT PREGNANT . . . Give us time to be married and enjoy one another."

Ottavia and Anthony Bourdain.Another one of our favorite sources is Ottavia Bourdain, who is married to celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. She gets a little too lovey with her husband on Twitter, with tweets like:

"I have such a deep and undying love for my brilliant and incredibly hot, well endowed husband! @Bourdain."

Ottavia's more than a celebrity wife, however. She's a total badass who has a Blue Belt in competitive Mixed Martial Arts. Though she has to cut carbs for her training, like us, she can't resist their allure. "Oh f*ck they have churros in this place," she tweeted a few days ago.

She's also not immune from cutting remarks from her children. "My daughter just told me I smell like an airplane bathroom this morning. That's a fine way to start my day." Or an embarrassing incident at the genius bar: "That awkward moment when the Apple guy revives ur laptop and what pops up is the porn page u were looking at when it went down." Oops.

Ottavia's humor and candor has made her a celebrity in her own right, with nearly 40,000 Twitter followers.

Though we're torn between love and hate with these ladies, one thing's for sure: their overshare is our celebrity gossip gain. Okay, we admit it. We like them.