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This is it, you guys. Summer is pretty much here. Technically, my favorite season begins on June 21 but let's be honest -- the few precious months between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day are what constitute it in our minds. Assuming you've already bitten the bullet and purchased a swimsuit, the below fashion items will help you put together a great Memorial Day Weekend wardrobe. The best part is, everything is under $50!

Striped bags for everyone! Whether you're a hippie chick, a preppy lady, or a glam girl, there's something for everyone. These are all big enough to store all your weekend needs, and you can unpack them once you reach your destination and use them to transport your necessities on the go.

One of the best things about summer is -- and I think we can all agree -- that more is more when it comes to accessories. In general, you're wearing less clothing, so let's balance it out with some chunky jewelry, shall we? As Jennifer Lopez once said, "Let's get loud."