Charles & Diana vs. William & Kate: The Relationships, By the Numbers

Now that Prince William has finally popped the question to his girlfriend of eight years, Kate Middleton, the world is ready for another royal fairytale wedding. But how will the impeding nuptials compare to that of William's father Charles and late mother Diana? And does their love stand a chance at lasting?

Let's look at the story the numbers tell...

Diana and Charles

The Beginning: Diana, 19, Charles, 31

The Courtship: Less than a year

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The Proposal: February 6, 1981

The Ring: 18-carat sapphire and diamond ring made by Garrard jewelers

The Announcement: February 24, 1981

The Wedding: July 29, 1981 at St. Paul's Cathedral
750 million people watched ceremony on TV
3500 guests at wedding

The Dress: David and Elizabeth Emanuel

The Kids: William, June 21, 1982
Harry, September 15, 1984

The Separation: December 9, 1992

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The Divorce: August 28, 1996

Kate and William

The Beginning: Both were 20 years old

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The Courtship: 8 years

The Proposal: October 2010

The Ring: Diana's engagement ring

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The Announcement: November 16, 2010

The Wedding: Spring or Summer 2011

The Kids: Tina Brown speculated on Good Morning America, "Kate is going to be breeding up a storm in Wales soon."

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