Cheaters Less Likely to Use Protection, Says Science

NYCcondomNYCcondomBy Yelena Shuster for HowAboutWe
Cheating's bad, but scratchy burning genitals are worse. Sadly, science says the former usually leads to the latter.

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According to a new study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, sexually unfaithful partners were 27%-35% less likely to use a condom. Perhaps the next finding explained why: their drug and alcohol use was 64% higher. Whoops!

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Kind of not a shocker, if you ask us. Once you start rubbing uglies behind your partner's back, you're not exactly Miss Manners. There was a silver lining (sort of). Couples who agreed to an open relationship were more likely to practice safe sex with all their partners. Non-monogomy for the win!

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If you're not ready for that, surprise STI tests should keep things fun. [Eureka Alert] Yelena Shuster hates science for being a total downer sometimes.