In orbs of teal and stardust,
his will had lost its way.
tangled in red locks and milky white skin,
his heart had gone astray.

His world he could see in her eyes emerald green,
each taste of her kiss drops of life.
raging with passion, attracted like magnets,
Magic, pure love undenied.

His heart beat in rhythms of ramparts,
exploding in pleasures sweet waves.
with each tender touch he felt more in love,
engulfed in the flames that they made.

She too had been moved by his eyes baby blue,
truly a man among men.
a gentleman lover who knew how to touch her,
caressing her soul from within.

Their chemistry was charged with love from the heart,
their bodies so perfectly matched.
clothed in a passion they call everlasting,
Magic the love they've unwrapped.