Which Cities Have the Most “Eligible” Bachelors?

by QuickieChick Laurel House.
Now that's a date!
… and in "eligible," I mean wealthiest. It's easy to feel like the only eligible single person on Earth. Maybe that's just because you're in the wrong city. Some cities are filled with singles. Other cities are filled with wealthy singles. Kiplinger conducted a study to find out which are the 10 best cities to be single based on income and cost of living. So if you're single and looking to be taken on a decent date, maybe it's time to take a trip to one of these cities.

But first, prepare yourself as if you're going on an important job interview… yes, a job interview. Because dating should feel like a job, and here's why:

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1. Ann Arbor, Mich.
2. Bloomington, Ill.
3. Santa Cruz, Calif.
4. Baltimore
5. Los Angeles
6. Philadelphia
7. Trenton, N.J.
8. New York
9. Durham, N.C.
10. Iowa City, Iowa

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