Coach Crush: 13 Things You May Not Know About the Harbaugh Brothers

TresSugarSource: Coach Crush: 13 Things You May Not Know About the Harbaugh Brothers

Even nonfootball fans can appreciate this year's Super Bowl, which has already been coined the "Har-Bowl" thanks to the two handsome head coaches at the helm: brothers John and Jim Harbaugh. Love the game or not, it's easy to fall for the story of two close brothers facing off in the big game for the first time in NFL history. John coaches the Baltimore Ravens, while his little bro, Jim, heads ups the San Francisco 49ers.

Good looks aside, the Harbaughs also boast a bit of pop-culture cred, as one of them played Screech's cousin on Saved by the Bell: The New Class (don't worry - that clip is included in this slideshow). Whether you're counting down to kickoff or just hope to catch Beyoncé's halftime show on Feb. 3, you can make this the year you impress your friends with all your Super Bowl knowledge. Check out these fun Harbaugh facts you may not know, and see plenty of head-coach eye candy from the brothers' player days and today!

  • Jim Has '90s Pop-Culture Cred: During his time in the NFL, Jim made a Bayside cameo playing Screech's cousin on Saved by the Bell: The New Class.
  • This Isn't Their First Time Going Head to Head: In 2011, the Harbaughs were a family divided. On Thanksgiving Day, the brothers' teams competed, and the Ravens won 16 to 6.
  • Jim Isn't Afraid to Show His Emotions: Upset with a standing on the field during the NFC Championship game this year, Jim freaked out on the sidelines, inspiring this latest gif to go viral.
  • John Is a Small Family Guy: John is married to Ingrid Harbaugh, and the pair have one daughter.

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  • Jim Is a Big Family Guy: Jim has six children, including three from a previous marriage and three with his current wife, Sarah, whom he married in 2008. The couple recently welcomed a baby boy: Jack, named after his grandfather.
  • John Played College Football: After a successful high-school career, John brought his handsome smile to Miami University of Ohio, where he played on the football team.
  • Jim Had an Extensive Pro Career: After playing at the University of Michigan, Jim became an NFL quarterback for the Chicago Bears. The younger brother also played for several other pro teams throughout his career, including the Indianapolis Colts, the Baltimore Ravens (John's current team), the San Diego Chargers, the Detroit Lions, and the Carolina Panthers.
  • Jim Played Against Current Super Bowl Stars: It hasn't been that long since Jim's playing days. Ray Lewis, a linebacker on the Baltimore Ravens, had his first sack on Jim.
  • Coaching Is in Their Blood: Their father, Jack, coached for over 40 years - including a period at Stanford, where Jim later served as head coach.

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  • John Has a Longer Coaching Career . . .: While Jim was busy making a name for himself as a player (and amateur actor), John focused on coaching. After coaching on the staff of a few universities, John entered the NFL in 1998 as an assistant coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, then became the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens in 2008.
  • . . . But Jim Coached College Ball, Too: Jim's first head coaching job was at the University of San Diego in 2004, and he became head coach at Stanford for the 2007 football season.
  • They Have Midwest Roots: Both John and Jim were born in Ohio to parents Jack and Jackie, John being just 15 months older than Jim.
  • Jim Looks Up to His Big Brother: All eyes are on the Harbaughs right now, and in a recent interview, Jim said of John, "I'm half the coach he is."

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