College confessional: Do you suffer from "couple's stamina"?

kristine.jpgThis week, our intern Kristine deGuzman, a junior at UC Berkeley -- pictured above with her boyf -- bemoans the effects a significant other can have on one's quality college partying.

I frat-hopped every weekend of my freshman year. Once Friday rolled around, I would whip out my knee-high, lace-up, black leather boots (that were completely impractical any other day of the week) and strut my way in and out of various fraternity houses. I would drink, dance with random guys, go home, and then do it all over again on Saturday. In fact, my dorm floor pretty much knew it was the weekend if I was wearing my knee-high, lace-up, black leather boots. It was a predictable routine, but oh, how I enjoyed it. (Attention party animals: Some health news for you)

That is until I got a boyfriend and we fell victim to the phenomenon known as "couple's stamina."

I was first introduced to the term during an episode of How I Met Your Mother. It refers to how couples drastically differ from single people at parties. You can always tell who's single at a soiree they drink like it's an Olympic sport, mingle like the Ebola virus, and dance like they're on MTV's Spring Break coverage. Couples, on the other hand, arrive at a party and immediately look for somewhere to sit. They relax for a while, talk mostly to each other or other couples, yawn occasionally, and then leave the party pretty early to go home and watch TV, have sex and/or sleep. Thus the term "couple's stamina."

I'm ashamed to say my boyfriend and I suffer from couple's stamina...bad. We still go to frat parties and apartment kickbacks with our friends in an attempt to prove we're still fun and interesting, but we never make it past midnight, just when most people are showing up and the keg stands get into full gear. After about an hour or so, we'll decide to go home and spend the rest of the night cuddling. Seriously. We leave parties so we can cuddle.

The Ten Commandments of Campus Sex

We've tried not to let our social (read: partying) skills atrophy. We even concocted an elaborate plan to go frat-hopping separately, get our drink on with our own sets of friends, then "find" each other at the end of the night and hook up as if we had just met for the first time--not only to get us back in the game, but also to make kissing each other feel new and naughty again. Alas, we've never been able to completely follow through: before the night even begins we'll look at each other and say, "Oh, nevermind. Let's just stay home and cuddle."

Role-playing is hard, especially without costumes. Maybe I should dig out my knee-high, lace-up, black leather boots again.

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