Corporate sponsorship of your wedding: tacky or brilliant?

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Now, I don't like to get in the habit of criticizing strangers, but is it just me or does auctioning the chance to be a bridesmaid in your wedding on Ebay seem a tad, I don't know, tacky? Bride to be Kelly Gray doesn't think so, and did just that, then was surprised when she attracted the attention of the Dr. Pepper Snapple group, who not only won the bid at $5,700, but ended up giving her $10,000 for the corporate sponsorship of her wedding, and will now likely have a contest to determine who the bridesmaid will be.

Now, I get that we're in a recession and all, but if you can't afford to have an extravagant wedding, why not have an intimate barbeque with your closest friends and family instead? Seems more special than paper cups emblazoned by soda pop logos. Thoughts?