Of Course Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Will Televise Their Wedding

by Lauren Frankfort

Courtesy of Getty ImagesCourtesy of Getty Images
You knew this was coming, right? Kim Kardashian, E!'s reality TV queen, is planning to marry fiancé Kanye West in Paris this June-and it looks like we'll all get to see every sure-to-be-blingy minute of it.

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To the surprise of exactly no one, the entire shebang will reportedly be filmed for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Radar Online reports. (The site is also claiming that most of the inevitably extravagant affair will be thrown on E!'s dime-which may have helped seal the deal.)

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"Kim persuaded Kanye to let the cameras roll because E! will pick up most of the cost of the wedding," an inside source close to the couple revealed to Radar, "and it's a lot easier for a network to deal with logistics of a foreign wedding than if it were just the two of them planning it."

The added benefit of having a televised wedding ceremony (aside from our delight)? Security is now virtually a non-issue for the couple, because the producers will handle all of those logistics.

As excited as we are to watch Kimye's marital marathon unfold step-by-step, we're pretty shocked that the whole thing has been given the green light. Kanye makes very few appearances on KUWTK, and when he does, he actively avoids the spotlight. Although, if we know anything about the Yeezus rapper, we do know that he's even more over-the-top than Kim herself! With that outlandish proposal, a desire to marry at Versailles (which was vehemently denied by the historical palace), and reports of him being a groomzilla, we know that this go 'round, it will be much more his show than hers.

"Both Kim and Kanye have very high expectations for their wedding," the source said. "It will be an over-the-top affair and there will be pre-wedding festivities leading up to the big day for their guests. It'll be like a festival!"

And while it won't be the first time Kim's "fairy tale" wedding will get filmed, we do hope that this ending will be a happier one.

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