Creating The Fairy Tale

Creating The Fairy Tale

I know I'm probably too old to still believe in fairy tales. You might say I'm silly and naive if I opened my heart and told you all that I still hold on to. But why? Don't you remember what it was like to still believe in Prince Charming? Can't you recall spinning in your bedroom with bracelets to your elbows and your mom's heels? Where did all of that hope and fantasy and dream go?

As children we believe in Santa, the Easter bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. We grow up believing in the magic of the unknown and waiting anxiously for the surprise that magic would bring us. As adults we move from believing in all of that to making sure we carry on the tradition with our own children. I don't have a daughter but I imagine if I did I would most certainly let her run around in my high heels and wear the over sized necklaces. I'd let her put makeup on and I'd ooh and aww about how grown up she looks. Boys play their own versions of make believe. Sword fights and ninjas, gun slinging cowboys and a whole lot of bad guys fill their days. But it's all the same idea. Believing in the fairy tale.

I remember growing up and wondering what my knight in shining armor would look like. I hoped for gorgeous hair and an awesome car. We would drive around and I would bask in the stares of the envious on lookers. He would be strong and supportive and love me without fear. We would have many children and live happily ever after. As I've gotten older I've tried my hardest to hold on to this fairy tale hope. I remember wondering if Pretty Woman was a true story and if that had ever happened to anyone. If a prostitute can be rescued from her burning life, then anyone could be, right? Unfortunately, the more heart ache I face, the more I lose that sparkly eye for the fairy tale.

Nowadays my vision of Prince Charming is a little less glamorous. It has become less about the looks and the car and more about the staying power. Beast was willing to put in the work for Belle and calm his anger down and fall in love. Prince Charming put his hands on plenty a stinky foot until he found a true fit. And even though Aladdin was actually a lowly beggar in disguise, he was willing to do whatever he had to to make Jasmine happy. Each of these fairy tales involved someone who thought less of themselves because of their less than ideal situation; but they were willing to let it all go and risk everything for that special person. That's what my Prince Charming would be about, the staying power and the will to put in the work for the one true love.

I have no idea what my fate with love has in store for me. I cannot say I regret any of the decisions I've made in the men I've dated. Had I not married, I would never have had my beautiful son. I'd definitely say he was more of a toad without a chance than a Prince in waiting; now we live different lives and I'm certain that's how that tale was meant to end. But I can't help but wonder, is there truly a Prince Charming out there for all of us? Is it always necessarily in the form of a man?

Or could it possibly be that the one perfect person we are destined to create a fairy tale with, is the person we see inside ourselves?