Dance.. Or Him?

So me and my boyfriend have been dating for two years..
Somethings about him i love but sometimes i just cant stand him. I try to talk to my friends about it and they usually end up saying the same thing Ethier Dump him he's no good for you or He's a typical man. I try to have a serious converstation with him and well he ends up blowing up thinking i've been lisining to my friends way to much. Im a very supportive girlfriend and well is it really to much to want the same thing from him. I'm a dancer and he gets very very jelous when i have to dance with other guys. So jelous that he wants me to chose him or dance.. Dance for me is like eating sleeping and breathing. I have to do it it just comes naturally i dont want to lose him over dance but it's my dream and i feel like if i dont atleast try and become what i want to be all miss out.. I dont know what to do sometimes i feel like leaving him but i dont feel like being alone and not have someone there for me. All he wants me to do is sit on my butt and wait for him to get off work. Im not that kind of girl and i have no way of explaining this to him with out him getting upset. I mean i have never cheated ive never done anything for him not to trust me. My hearts telling me dance but my brains telling me stay with him... HELP?!?!