Dating Advice Guys Can Take From Their Sisters

More lessons one man has learned from having kid sisters.

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Are you ready for Round 2? After getting some great feedback for dating lessons I learned from my sisters, the first time around, I'm back with the second installment. It's not the bible of all dating tips, but hey, it's a guy's perspective!

Lesson 6: Distinguish Yourself From the Others

Guys tend to forget attractive women are approached by men all day, every day. These women have heard it all, seen it all and met them all. This includes the nice guy, the bad boy and the douchebag. To stand a chance, you have to distinguish yourself from the other suitors and become memorable in some way. Memorable can come in many forms: spiritually, professionally, physically, athletically, creatively, culturally, emotionally, romantically, intellectually, inter-personally, etc. If you are still not clear, here are some concrete examples of memorable: sense of humor, creative, adventurous, having style, accomplishments, education, insight, charm, goals, family and the like.

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Lesson 7: Stay In Character

You want her to like you, not the 11 alter egos you have created under the assumption this is what she may like. In other words, maintain a level of transparency from the beginning. If you feel like you are stepping out of character, you probably are and she is probably not the right one for you.

Lesson 8: She Should Feel Pretty When She Is Around You

Like makeup, men can accentuate a woman's beauty. How? Treating a woman in a certain way can result in her feeling even prettier. Pretty can be defined broadly and interpreted by each woman in their own way. However, some general examples of "feeling pretty" can result when you: a) treat her with kindness and respect; b) compliment her on things that are not obvious to others; c) encourage and support her goals; d) spend time with her doing things she enjoys because you want to, not because you feel obligated; e) show your affection; and f) let her know you have eyes only for her.

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Lesson 9: Consider How Someone Dating Your Sister Would Treat Her

Dump the agenda, the gamesmanship, the audition and the attitude. Instead treat her with the respect and decency she deserves. In other words, the same level of kindness and respect you would expect from a guy who was dating your sister.

Lesson 10: While They Want Nice They Also Want Fun, Charming, Interesting...

This doesn't mean that being nice, fun and interesting are mutually exclusive. These traits can operate together. But it's important to capture and keep her attention in the early stages of dating (as well as all stages of the relationship) when she has many options to choose from. Remember, she doesn't have to pick you. I encourage you to be nice, but it is important to also charm, interest and keep things fresh and fun. Often, nice without anything else can simply resemble a peanut butter and jelly sandwich you prepare when you don't know what else to make for dinner. In other words, the sandwich certainly fills you up but it is boring, bland, basic and blah.

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