New Dating Site Tells You Why Your Ex Hates You

you suckyou suckI can't even begin to guess how many dating sites there are out there. I think there are even dating sites for people who hate dating sites. It's ludicrous. But this latest one -- the one where you can explain via checklist why you never want to see the person you went out with again -- could be the most insane of all.

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The site is called Wot Went Wrong, and basically it's a network for the most masochistic and self-loathing of daters. How it works is it allows the dumpee to send the dumper a pre-crafted message, asking, well, "what went wrong?" The site then provides a lovely list of turn-offs for the dumper to check off -- oh, you know, things like "Sex drive is too low," "Incompatible tastes in music," "Bad breath," and "You emasculate me" -- and once completed, sends the list back to the masochist inquirer.

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And then the inquirer, in turn, swears off dating for the rest of his or her life and commits themselves to a lifetime of solitude.

Everybody has wondered at some point in their lives why what seemed like a promising romance just fizzled (or stopped calling). It happens to the best of us, and as cliche as it is, it really is for the best. Yeah, it's a blow to the ego, but it gives us a little time for some self-introspection, and it helps us figure out what we like and don't like in others. Not everything needs to be spelled out for us. Sometimes a little mystique is good.

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Hearing, or reading, why we suck no holds barred isn't a positive thing for anybody's dating life. Or their non-dating lives. There are enough crappy things in the world already -- and enough things telling us, directly or indirectly, we suck already. We don't need another one. Getting dumped is hard as it is -- hearing a dissertation as to why will only make things worse. Let us go on thinking "it's you, not us." And let us go on thinking our breath is minty-fresh.

Would you want to know exactly why somebody dumped you?

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Written by Nicole Fabian-Weber on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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