Dear Dr. Romance: Am I Single?

Dear Dr. Romance:

My friends were joking that I have never been single, and I argued that I have - but they said my definition of being single was wrong! true, I tend to have long term relationships, but before I met my last boyfriend I was "single" for nearly a year. I define this as not exclusively being in a committed relationship with any one person, but yes I dated a few guys. they say that because I was dating, I wasn't single.... what is your view on this?? (i'll award best answer to someone who supports my argument lol)

Dear Reader:

The definition of "single" varies. Some people who are getting divorced or already separated identify themselves as single. People also lie and say they're single when they're in a committed relationship or a marriage. I think that what single should mean is that you're not exclusively dating one person, or committed to anyone, or still married, even if you're separated. I don't agree that single means the same thing as celibate. Don't assume your date is exclusive with you if you've never talked about it. "Guidelines for Successful Dating" will help you find a great relationship. To go from dating to commitment, read The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again.