Dear Whys Guy: "How Can He Be Attracted to Natalie Portman AND to Me?"

by Aaron Traister, REDBOOK
My guy LOVES the looks of Natalie Portman, Jennifer Aniston, Mila Kunis, you get the picture. He says he's attracted to me, but I look nothing like these women, not even close! Is it possible that he can be attracted to beautiful women and a mediocre one at the same time, or is he sparing my feelings?

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I don't think Jennifer Aniston looks like Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis, but I get where you're coming from.

First off, and most importantly, never refer to your looks as "mediocre." We've all got hang ups about the way we look even, Mila Kunis, Natalie Portman, and Jennifer Aniston (I assume). I know, I know, I compare myself to monkeys and talk about being bald and weirdly shaped all the time. But that doesn't, for one minute, mean I don't think I'm the sexiest bald, weirdly-shaped monkey out there. Laugh at your hang-ups. Never take them seriously; no one else does.

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As for your specific question: Yes, your boyfriend can be attracted to a variety of different women in addition to being attracted to you. He can even go against type. For instance, I'm currently extremely attracted to Serena Williams, Ke$ha, Lauren Graham, Rihanna, and Tina Fey. Do you know what all those women have in common? Nothing. Do you know what they all have in common with Karel? Nothing (except Serena Williams-she and Karel are built along the same lines). I like a specific type of woman, but I am deeply attracted to a wide variety in addition to that type of woman.

And that's the most important take away here; I like different women IN ADDITION to my wife, not instead of. It's not an either-or thing, it's a more-the-merrier thing.

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