Dear Whys Guy: "Should I Be Worried if My Husband Has an 'Office Wife'?"

by Aaron Traister, REDBOOK


Should I be worried if my husband has an "office wife"? - Worried reader

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DEAR WORRIED READER: I would be if I discovered that Karel had another spouse, office or otherwise. I think a guy's asking for trouble at home and at work if he has a relationship with a colleague that is intimate enough to involve the word wife. Men aren't always good at answering tough relationship questions, like: Is it okay for me to go out to lunch alone with my "office wife"? What about drinks after work, even with a group? Is it awkward if we have to travel together? Will coworkers get the wrong idea? Hell, I'm not sure even a woman could answer these, which is why I prefer to leave all forms of polygamy to Big Love.

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