How to Define Your Aura to Find Lasting Love

By Pamala Oslie

Ever wonder why you feel drawn to some people and not others? There's a reason why certain people are compatible, and that reason is that their energies, or auras, mesh well together. An aura is an energy field that radiates from you and broadcasts who you are at all times. People can feel your essence, just like you can sense theirs. In fact, different aura colors reveal different personality types, and certain color personalities are more compatible than others.

Take this simple quiz to find out what your aura colors say about you and your most compatible partner:

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Aura Colors Quiz

Yes No Color #1

___ ___ I like to laugh, play, and cheer people up.
___ ___ I tend to look younger than my age.
___ ___ I like to be creative, artistic, athletic or a healer.

___ ___ Total

Yes No Color #2

___ ___ I am analytical and logical, not an emotional person.
___ ___ I enjoy working with computers, machines, or electronics.
___ ___ I prefer to work for others & enjoy working on details.

___ ___ Total

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Yes No Color #3

___ ___ I tend to be a workaholic, perfectionist, ambitious, and strong-willed.
___ ___ My top priorities are money and accomplishing goals.
___ ___ I am organized, efficient, and often write lists.

___ ___ Total

Yes No Color #4

___ ___ I tend to help, counsel, and nurture others.
___ ___ Love, spirituality, and relationships are my highest priorities.
___ ___ I tend to be emotional and can cry easily.

___ ___ Total

Yes No Color #5

___ ___ I have a strong desire to help save or improve the planet.
___ ___ I have always felt that I was going to be famous, be a leader or do something big and important.
___ ___ Freedom, travel, and independence are major priorities to me.

___ ___ Total

Highest number of "yes" answers: Color #______
Second highest number of "yes" answers: Color #______

Your Aura Color Key

#1 = Yellow
#2 = Tan
#3 = Green
#4 = Blue
#5 = Violet

Most people have two main aura colors, so the personality traits of both colors will apply to you. Below, notice what you'll need in a partner and which colors are your best match:

Yellows: The fun-loving Yellows need playmates. They need to laugh and enjoy life. They enjoy partners who are playful, happy, spontaneous, curious, optimistic, physically active and healthy. Best partners: Yellows, Blues, some Violets and Tans.

Yellows: Goldie Hawn (Yellow/Blue), Johnny Depp, and Mike Myers.

Tans: Practical, down-to-earth Tans value long-term commitment. They need partners who are logical, devoted, reliable, sensible and who can be content with a basic, secure lifestyle. Best matches: Tans, some Blues, Yellows, and Greens.

Tans: Clint Eastwood (Tan/Violet), Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt (both Yellow/Tans.)

Greens: These movers and shakers are intelligent and ambitious with a strong, commanding presence. They're driven, often workaholics and may not be at home much, so partners need to be independent and self-reliant. Greens need mutual respect and to feel intellectually stimulated by their mates. Best partners: Greens, Violets, and some Tans.

Famous Greens: Barbara Walters, Bill Gates, and David Letterman (Green/Yellow.)

Blues: Blues are nurturing, devoted partners. They live for love and a committed,monogamous relationship. There is nothing Blues won't do to keep their relationship together. What Blues needs from a partner is love, loyalty, emotional connection, faithfulness, mutual trust, and long-term commitment. Best mates: Blues, Yellows, Violets, and some Tans.

Blues: Ellen Degeneres, Jennifer Aniston, and Kate Hudson (All Blue/Yellows.)

Violets: Violets have strong, dynamic personalities. They're visionaries and leaders. They typically radiate charisma and sexual chemistry. Violets need to live big lives so they need partners who can soar with them; equal, inspirational partners who share their visions. Violets must experience excitement, growth, expansion, and passion. Best partners: Violets, Blues, Greens, and some Yellows.

Violets: the Beatles, Oprah, Martin Luther King Jr., George Clooney, and Spielberg. (All Violet/Yellows.)

For over 27 years, Pamala Oslie has helped people better understand themselves and live happier lives by using her psychic abilities and her rare ability to see auras. She has discovered different colors in the aura reveal a person's personality, best life direction, and more. Check out and for more information.