Did Chris Brown get off easy for what he did to Rihanna?

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesYesterday in court, Chris Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault against his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. Instead of going to jail, Brown reached a plea agreement that gives him five years probation, six months of community service labor and mandatory domestic violence classes. He also must stick to a protective order and not harm or harass Rihanna as well as a strict protective "stay-away" order, which requires him to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna at all times and 10 yards away at any media event in which they might both be in attendance. Rihanna is also responsible for complying with this order, and although her lawyer said it was not necessary, the judge said she wanted to be extra careful.

Chris Brown had pleaded not guilty back in February, and never issued any sort of apology to the public, his fans, or to Rihanna as far as we know. Now he's suddenly admitting to beating and strangling her. Many big stars, including Jay-Z have expressed their anger and disappointment towards Brown, and his career might not be able to ever fully recover. No matter how many hit singles he has in the future, his once-innocent image will be forever tarnished by this act of violence. Likewise, this incident has made Rihanna, who was once a female icon who embodied strength seem slightly flawed. All women can potentially get themselves into an unfortunate situation with a violent person, and hopefully Rihanna's fans can see past her err of judgment and support her during a difficult period of her life. We do believe Rihanna can and will fully rebound with her immense talent leading the way.

Do you think Chris Brown's sentence was fair or do you think the plea agreement let him off easy? [US Weekly]