Did You Ever Let a Guy Come in the Way of a Pal?

When I was twenty, my best friend at the time got married. Her husband was seven years older and was in the army and had just gotten back from a tour and I COULD NOT understand why she was marrying him-she was so young!

I also felt jealous and betrayed. I was single and confused and not sure what I was doing with my life, and she was getting married and seemed so happy. I wasn't very nice to her at all, she didn't put me in the wedding party (rightfully so!) and even though I went to her wedding, I wasn't as nice as I could have been.

We lost touch after that and she moved, but our parents remained friends. She had a baby this year, and I sent her a present, she sent a thank you, and we began slowly reconnecting via e-mail.

She and I really did grow up together. We would walk to school together, would carpool, and would spend hours talking. I went on her family vacations, we worked at the same summer job-a lot of time spent together, which is why I'd like to keep that channel of communication open. And which is why, right now, I have an e-mail message window open, where I'm actually-thinking of-saying I'm sorry for being a b---- at your wedding.

Have you ever done that? Or been the victim of a friend who was so jealous she ruined your friendship? And have you ever reached out and apologized?


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