I am starting to look at my boyfriend like his is a piece of meat... seriously.
I have started to have dreams, and thoughts about us:

1. Having sex in the shower
2. Having sex on the kitchen counter
3. Having sex on the wall while he is banging me into it
4. Having sex on the couch
5. Having sex in someones office
6. Doing roleplay then having sex.

When I start to think about these things... I want him to just touch me... EVERYWHERE. I am getting crazy, and p----- because I am hurting, and plus... I am a virgin.

When ever we fight, I want to go over his house, and have some rough sexual fighting... and it's hard not to think about it... I am the most dominate person in the relationship... and I am wanting to do some very dirty things...

I am such a dirty, dirty girl... and 14 years old