DISCOVERED: New Way to Exploit Relationship!

Some times, the simple of act of walking to the sandwich shop can change your life. Not my life, your life. Look what I found while waiting for an egg and cheese to get all melty. On the other side of the above postcard are the details for those of you Brooklyn couples looking to make some money off your relationship--because the whole 'love' novelty is wearing off.

Remember Taxi Cab Confessions? An incredible show that featured some of New York's drunkest doing the kinds of things you don't want aired during their parent's HBO after dark power hour. It became a personal mantra after a night of hard partying: no matter how awesome this taxi home seems right now, do not sign a waiver.

Now the show's producers are are trying something new, by approaching subjects during sober hours. I called the number on the card and found out the show is called "Brooklyn Kind of Love".

Turns out the website Brokelyn already spotted the project. "We called… and learned the name of the show (it was nowhere on the card), and that it will follow four to six Brooklyn couples over four months, filming all the "ups and downs" of their relationships-the "personal side," interaction with relatives and friends-the whole deal. Coverage won't be around-the-clock, but a film crew will be in and out for four or five days a week."

They're looking for couples of all sexual orientations, ethnic backgrounds and ages (if you're between 18 and 35, because otherwise you're a fetus or dead in TV Land). Also people with crudely shaped bodies and girls identifiable only by hair-bow and wonky leg. That description must speak directly to someone in Brooklyn.

Of course it brings up the century old question, can a relationship survive a reality show? There's only one way to find out.