Do cheesy romantic gestures skeeve you out?

Poor dude. He looks so proud of himself too./Getty ImagesPoor dude. He looks so proud of himself too./Getty Images
I just came across this great post on The Frisky about how sometimes your partner can do the sweetest stuff and it just melts your 'lil heart, and then again, some gestures are so damn syrupy and cheesy that it just totally turns you off. And as Shine editor Jenn Romolini pointed out, the latter ends up making you feel really bad for being such a callous, cruel person. Still, I think we can all relate to the following please-don't-do-that-ever-agains, and some of us may even be guilty of committing similar "crimes of passion" (hello answering the door wrapped in Saran Wrap--whoops). Frisky blogger Leigh Raines writes:

Things That Are Intended To Be Romantic But Provoke Gag Reflex

1. Having your date get down on his knees at a movie theater and serenade you to New Edition's "Mr. Telephone Man."

2. Having your date order for you (um maybe I wanted the chicken?).

3. Rolling in money Indecent Proposal style. Money is one of the dirtiest and most germ-infested things on the planet.

4. Rose petals leading to the bed, on the bed, surrounding the bed, whatever. Hello cliche!

5. Joint shower.One of you will be freezing while the other is under the hot water.

Things That Will Actually Turn Us To Mush

1. An unrequested foot massage after a day in heels.

2. Bringing your favorite macaroni n' cheese from across town when you aren't feeling great.

3. Having your love meet you right when you're getting off the train/plane.

4. Cooking for each other.

5. Considering your mate when you're food shopping for your apartment and picking up
snacks/tampons you know they'll want.

Read the full lists/entire post over at The Frisky, and then tell us, when it comes to romance, what makes you squeamish and what gets you all fired up (in a good way)?