Do It Tonight! Make Out at the Movies

Do you want to feel that rush of first love again? Do you want to feel the tingle of a junior high crush? Do you want to "extend foreplay" like all the sexperts tell you to but you keep running out of things to do? Do you want to go on a date night but are just too freakin' tired to plan anything on a Friday night? Then head to the movies tonight -- anything R-rated or above so there are no whining kids in the audience -- grab a seat in the back row, and make out like teenagers. Allow yourself to do anything you would have let yourself do back in early high school -- when you weren't sure you wanted to go "all the way" with your boyf/girlf, but the one thing you did know for sure was that you couldn't keep your hands off them. Hold hands all the way home, stopping for ice cream and making out whenever there's a red light. Finally, jump each other's bones the moment you walk in the door, like the fully mature, going-all-the-way grownups that you are.

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photo by _StaR_DusT_