Do Men Go Through The Same Break Up Stages As Women?

J Montana asks on "Do men go through the same break up stages as women?"J Montana asks on "Do men go through the same break up stages as women? …Have you ever wondered if your ex still loves you?

I was listening to my local radio station. The DJs

started asking: "Do Men Go Through The Same

Break Up Stages as women
I was curious.

I wrote a few examples below. The examples of the

comments from the callers are in stages. One caller

said her ex-boyfriend drunk dialed her six months

later and professed his undying love.

Tell us how you think the stages for men really are?

Do men cry when they break up with a woman?

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Stage 1 for Women


This is the crying incessantly brokenhearted late night with Ben and Jerry's stage. You may feel anger,
vulnerable, and bitterness.

Join a gym. Throw darts at his pictures. Call his new girlfriend "bulbous". Put away the ice cream.

Stage 2 for Women

Venturing out and socializing is enthralling. Dating a new guy every month keeps our heads from
spinning around like the girl from The Exorcist. We have moved on. We fall in love with the hotter

After we have healed, love feels even truer than before. We have learned through atavism. We are
able to claim love again .

Stage 3 for Women

Live happily ever after. We learned through our experiences. We do not have any regrets or lingering
bitterness. We have met the love of our life. He treats us with respect.

We have collectively forgotten that a man depredated our life in the past. Moreover, we do not care.
The love of our life asks us to marry. We become Bridezilla for six months. We have a cute family.
We finally figure out life.


Stage 1 for Men

This is men's angry teaching us a lesson, drink until dawn, cheating, crying, (not in front of us) we
will miss them stage.

Men go out and break everything they ever bought us. Get drunk. Have a wild kegger with paid
female entertainers, prank call us and hang up. They act as if the women never met anything to

Stage 2 for Men

This is the male circumspection stage. He realized that he screwed up. Men try to stay busy to forget us because they cannot admit they were wrong. They think of the break up and the mistakes they both made. They think of how they can get the girl back.

Stalker stage. They ask friends about her. She ignores all his phone calls, e-mails and texts. This drives him insane. He may try harder to get her attention. If all else fails he may go straight to stage three.

Stage 3 for Men

This is the revenge stage. Six months later, he drunk dials the woman. He hopes this will get him sympathy and she will take him back. The man insults her new boyfriend or husband.

The man tries to do everything that is humanly possible to abnegate any shred of respect the woman had for him. He calls her while intoxicated. The man denies to everyone that anything ever happened. He may want physically to harm the new male in her life. He often still loves her.

Do men go through the same break up stages as women?

J Montana asks men about their break ups