Do You and Your Significant Other Work in the Same Industry?

Whenever I picture my ideal mate, I imagine myself with a writer. I love words, love writing, and would love to be in a relationship with someone who understood what it's like to work on a deadline and to spend hours on a chapter to make sure it's right and how frustrating it can sometimes be to write.

If I imagine further I'd see, really, what I want is to be part of a Brooklyn Literary Power Couple (a BLPC) , sort of like Jonathan Safron Foer and Nicola Krauss. I want to live in a sprawling Brooklyn townhouse where my future husband and I will crank out books.

Then I wonder if that would ever work.

I dated a writer, once, and it was less than ideal. I remember him reading part of his novel and the writer inside my head itching to help him with some plot point problems-even though he didn't ask. I was sometimes jealous that he wanted to spend time working instead of spending time with me. And that was just the beginning.

Eventually we broke up for unrelated reasons . . . but I still think about being one half of a BLPC-and I wanted to ask: have you ever dated a guy in the same profession as you? How was it?

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