Do you know what goes on in yahoo chat rooms?

Have you ever gone into a yahoo chat room and thought that you were going to be talking to people about the topic of the chat room? And then you meet people that try to get you to view their webcam. Then the next thing you know you're seeing some dude from India trying to show you his privates. Or it's a really fat white dude no offense to anyone doing the same thing. My favorites are the bots. They usually start off their conversations like regular people and then they give you a link to a website and if you close the instant message and then try to talk to them again. Guess what you'll notice right off? The conversation is the same exact conversation that you had with that person earlier and then it clicks in your mind. Then you're like damn I was not talking to a real person.

I personally would like to be able to go into a yahoo chat room and not have someone try to show me their privates. I would love to have an entertaining conversation about any topic with an intelligent person. You know easy care free banter. I used to be able to meet nice older people that gave really good advice about relationships and other things. I once met this old lady that was really nice and she would talk with me and my teenage friends. She was like my online mommy she was cool and easy to talk to. I could tell her things that I couldn't tell my mom and dad. She would advise me to talk to them about what was going with me. I did take her advice and talked to them about it. I haven't heard from her in years.

What is the meaning of chat? Here are two definitions that are listed by the Merriam- Webster online dictionary: to talk in an informal or familiar manner b: to take part in an online discussion in a chat room. Now here's the definition of chat room: a real-time online interactive discussion group. See there is no mention of sex or Indian naked guys trying to get off by talking to you. And by the way yahoo chat is not in the dictionary. But I could come up with a definition for it. I do not blame yahoo for what goes on those rooms but here is what I would call those chat rooms Perverts-R-Us Chat.

Have you had a similar experience? If so comment please.