Don't Do That: Leave your house without underwear!

Mama always said: "Don't leave the house without a clean pair of underwear just in case you get into a car accident and have to go to the hospital. Mama never said: "Leave the house without undies and make sure you exit the vehicle in an unladylike fashion as a way to promote yourself."

We are continuing our weekly "Don't Do That" feature on current news that has Shine staffers shaking our heads.

This week's "Don't Do That" is one of our biggest pet peeves and begs the question: What is it with celebs that go out sans skivvies and think it is okay to flash their nether regions to the paparazzi, seemingly for publicity (think Paris, Britney, and Lindsay)? Come on ladies, there are better ways to make headlines! And has it gotten so out of line that celeb gossip sites feel the need to pretend people aren't wearing underwear when they really are?

Such was the case with Miley Cyrus.

Celeb gossip blogger, Perez Hilton, recently posted a picture on his Twitter account insinuating that teen pop star Miley Cyrus had been photographed by the paparazzi without wearing any undies. The picture showed Miley getting out of a car while wearing a short dress with a "warning" notice placed over her you know what. Turns out, Hannah Montana was in fact wearing underwear and now Hilton is facing a wave of criticism from fans that have their panties in a bunch.

Yes, unfortunately a host of celebs have actually been photographed flashing their privates; however, this turns out to be a case of gossip sites not allowing Miley to be a good girl even when she tries. And for the first time, we say: Poor Miley. While we don't deny that the pop princess has been trying a bit too hard to "sex herself up" lately, here is an example of one celeb doing what she should (actually wearing underwear) and yet, the gossip sites still try to depict her as a "bad girl."

So, we say to celebs who have given us a scare by flashing "down there"….Please, don't do that. And to Perez Hilton, who feels the need to pretend Miley isn't wearing undies: don't do that either.

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