Don't EVER call me that!

I've overcome the little league kid calling me "Sir" when I asked if his team won the game....only damage were the couple of gray hairs that instantly sprouted on top of my head. I can deal with this stuff.

BUT - some names and references cannot be overcome. Case and point - I was with a "new acquaintance" this weekend and it was incredibly hot......shaping up to be an epic session. Then she dropped the dreaded phrase, "You're my Daddy". Insert sound bite of a record scratching.

To say this was a "buzz kill" would be like saying that you're going to get mildly wet standing in front of a tsunami. Couldn't get past it.

Conversely - I've called a woman by another name before and that went over equally as a lead balloon.

So here's the question - ever had someone say something "in the middle of" that killed it completely?